Wednesday, September 4, 2013



I’ve been told from a young age to work smart, rather than hard.  So, what does it mean to real estate investing?  The right knowledge, plus the right connections, plus the right motivation and the right vision creates a recipe for wealth.  And we are going to show you what that looks like.

Our firm is excited to host a Foreclosure Workshop for Buyers on September 17th – 6:30pm at the Hampton Inn in Springfield.  This FREE workshop will give those in attendance special insight into Purchasing, Bidding, and Pitfalls to avoid when buying Foreclosures (HUDs, Fannie Maes, Freddie Macs, VAs and other Bank Owned Homes).   The event is absolutely free and you will not be asked to purchase anything.

We are excited about our guest speaker who is the REO (Real Estate Owned) decision-maker with a local bank. This person is the decision maker who determines which offers to accept when they reach his desk.  I thought his insight would be valuable to those in attendance and help get into the psychi of an insider.

Our Wealth Building Session will give step-by-step guidance to:

·         Evaluating Properties

·         Strategic Bidding

·         Contract Pitfalls to Avoid

·         Inspections

·         Financing/The Power of CASH

·         Final Paperwork/The Closing

·         Rehabbing

·         Renting/Re-Selling

·         Avoiding Tax Issues

This session will be especially interesting for those individuals with ready cash, but are currently experiencing poor returns.   While all investing has risk, this approach to real estate investing provides control, flexibility and a dependable income stream.

If you have any questions about the FREE FORECLOSURE WORKSHOP for BUYERS just call 615-347-6175 or email me at

See you there,

S.L. Searcy
Searcy Realty & Auctions, Inc.

 PS -  Circle your calendars for TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17th  6:30pm at the HAMPTON INN SPRINGFIELD.