Monday, August 16, 2010


In this every changing Housing Market is it possible to sell your home in 30 days? The answer is yes, but are you willing to do what it takes? Home sellers must possess these 5 ingredients in order to make this happen.

MOTIVATED SELLER. The seller “must” want to sell and “be serious” about doing those things necessary in order attract a buyer. Prime wants often include: job transfers, contract on another home, two mortgage payments, etc.

PRICE AT MARKET VALUE. The temptation is to price a property above market value and offer room to come down, wrong strategy in a 30 day timetable. Be realistic about the “current” value, what a neighbor’s home sold for six months ago, or even a previously rejected offer – may not reflect what is happening now.

STAGE THE PROPERTY. Have the home looking “model home” ready at all times, this might include taking furniture out of the house that is occupied or adding some furniture to a home that is empty. Other Staging Tips include: repainting a room, cleaning or changing soiled/worn carpeting, clearing counter tops, removing personal pictures, etc.

NO MARKETING OBSTACLES. This would include owners who: do not want a sign, require 24 hour notice to show, have indoor pets, must be present when being shown, refuse to allow a lockbox, etc.

SELLER WHO IS WILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SALES PROCESS. I am referring to a seller who will straighten a sign, replenish a brochure box, and talk the property up to friends and family members.

You combine these 5 Items with proper marketing from your agent, the result should be a sale within 30 days. It is important to note that good marketing without these is as ineffective as these items without proper marketing. Call me today to give you a free on-site evaluation of your home, and design a marketing strategy that works for you.

S.L. Searcy